Tips for Musicians who hate Social Media

You can’t run away from social media, whether you love them or hate them, a musician knows perfectly well that today they are one of the most effective ways of promoting their music. Of course, the biggest risk we face today is to end up living our lives with our faces on the phone, forgetting to establish live relationships, forgetting what it means to communicate with others.

Here are some suggestions to give the right and indispensable space to social media without getting trapped.

1. Take time to devote exclusively to communication on social media

Planning, working steadily and respecting deadlines: this is the secret that makes social work a recreational and working activity, which allows you to promote your music by giving you precise time and deadlines. Determine which days you want to dedicate to the care of your social platform, what time of day and how many times a week you think it is necessary to dedicate yourself to make the production activity regular.

2. Pre-schedule messages

Depending on your commitments and your time management, you can take advantage of the possibility to schedule your content in advance: Facebook and programs like Hootsuite allow you to spend a whole day planning and preparing the work of publishing posts for a whole week.

3. Delegate the different social networks

Within the band, to make your presence on social media more effective and massive on multiple platforms, you can organize yourself in such a way that everyone takes care of a different social platform. And if you have little time why not request a specific figure who can take care of it for you? Sometimes even a friend or family member is willing to take the time and support your business.

4. Be professional

It is important to be careful to keep the content of your social media page as professional as possible. Of course, it’s nice to look for human contact with the fans, to bring down barriers that can generate unproductive distances, but always try to pay attention to the publication of content that has a professional aspect.

5. Ignore the jammers

The most obvious feature of the social media, and which has then decreed its great success, is the possibility of sharing content with everyone and therefore being able to automatically submit it to everyone’s opinion. Often among your fans, there may be someone who rather than enter into productive discussions and confrontations, simply wants to waste time. They are called trolls or enemies, and the secret is not to give in to their provocations: just don’t answer, because if you do you risk wasting time, and you can’t because you have more important commitments like making and promoting your music.

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