The Musical Project Manager: Free or Paid?

Precisely on the occasion of my return from Moscow, I was able to write and write down my figure, that of the Music Project Manager, who is responsible for organizing and coordinating a project in all its phases, from birth to development, until its success and promotion, it is fundamental for not only the success of a project but also to work at its best.

But such a broad responsibility is not enough today to attest to the importance of the figure in question. In the world of music, where the role of each profession and its respective prominence should be well known, there is still skepticism and ignorance to the point of believing that the Musical Project Manager is not a real figure, therefore it should not be paid.

I have made, written and made available on my website numerous articles available to musicians to help them, as a self-promotion coach, to find their way in a world like that of music that is in its specific artistic field, both in that of business, varies at the speed of light. The Quadriproject, therefore, wants to be a guide, as well as a showcase through which I show the skills and preparation required of a Music Project Manager. It is the space in which I gather the best of my experience in the musical field at 360 °, but also my readings and considerations: it is a moment of confrontation and sharing to grow with those who work in my sector.

This does not mean that mine is a free job. Mine is a full-fledged job, and as such all my advice includes a salary. My advice and suggestions commensurate with every musical project, which is different for each artist, is a job that requires time and patience. My marketing skills, the study of the sector, which allow me to take care of the promotion of a project, are equivalent to consulting a lawyer required for every type of requirement.

As you only invest in registration, you also invest in promotion. What sense is there in recording a record but not knowing it or being able to promote it, especially in the right way, according to a strategy that fits the musical project that is upstream? A musician does not always have the skills and time to do it. He relies on a person who knows how to take care of the promotion process, and that figure is the Music Project Manager, who dedicates time, patience and passion to you. It therefore works. It is no coincidence that, at a highly professional level, a budget for the promotional activity is always calculated.

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