(Musically) Was it better when it was worse?

But does this make sense?

Great singer-songwriters such as Battisti, De Andrè, De Gregori, Dalla, Battiato, etc. are mentioned, and they try to compare their success with today’s failures. Without taking into account, however, the difference in the world we live in and that today’s musical offer is so great that it becomes practically impossible to hear everything.

I repeat: Does this kind of comparison make sense?

Would it not be better for these musical experts to make comparisons with what is working today compared to what is not working today explaining why and not trivializing money = marketing = listen = money?

It is a preconception to say that people are stupid and drink everything that the media gives them. Tastes have changed in the same way that technology is changing our lives.

There are artists who anticipate change and artists who adapt afterward but who nevertheless ride the transformation and survive. Understanding how this happens is, in my opinion, the real and tangible help that can be given to emerging artists who are currently unable to give voice to their musical project.

Telling how these artists of the past created pieces with magnificent lyrics and music reminds me a little when the grandparents, in front of the fireplace, told you how beautiful it was when it was worse.

Surely it is essential to know how and in what way they composed, so as to have a guiding track but to use it today, we must also know how these behaviors have adapted to today’s technologies and to the hectic life we ​​live every day. I’m wrong?

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