How to write the Bio of a musician

An important business card

Your biography should not be confused with an autobiography: it is not just a document that shows all the most important stages of your musical career, you write it to capture the attention of those who work in the music sector, people with whom you will work and maybe you will sign a contract. So before starting to take a pen and paper, focus on who you write: think about your education, the goals you achieved, the people you worked with that made you the musician you are. The people who will read you are A&R from record companies, companies that work in the music industry, labels, managers, promoters … professionals who receive thousands and thousands of resumes every day to test: you must, therefore, be attractive choosing the right language, the right information, and comments that drive these people to take an interest in you and listen to your music to accompany you on your journey as an artist.

Once you have focused these points, here is a diagram according to which you can proceed to write your artistic presentation that is digital or paper.

Paragraph 1

Start with a sentence that clearly introduces who you are or who you are, then your name or that of your band, also indicating the type of music you make, which band or famous artist you can associate your music with and the reason to be taken into consideration by those reading you. If there is an appreciation that you received during your career from some music industry expert, add that too.

Paragraph 2

At this point, you can indicate where the artistic journey began and what you are doing right now: a CD ready for release or the release of a single, or a project is created. In this second section, it is possible to add this kind of information which, with respect to the basic information of the first part, is relevant but secondary.

Paragraph 3 and 4

In this space, you can enter information about the members that make up the band or about the artist, about how the group was born, past experiences and recordings. One can also dwell on awards and recognitions received, so as to emphasize the maturity and evolution of the project and career. Even indicating a few sentences taken from one’s own songs can be a source of attention, so without exaggerating it can be added to this section.

It is important not to write very long biographies, generally, for an emerging artist, a page is more than sufficient, while for old artists a page and a half or a maximum of two is a fair compromise. A good biography must already convey something, the essence of the artist or of the band in front of him: it can then be useful in the second part to add phrases of qualified people who support the artist and his music. It is also important to highlight the projects in which you are currently involved.

Almost forgot, at the beginning and as a header, put the photo of the band or of yourself if you are a songwriter. Make sure that you see the face well, this mentally gives the impression to the reader that you have before you.

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