From the covers to (finally) your pieces!

A delicate passage

Almost all the bands start playing covers because after all it is very useful for the practice to be able to start with pieces that you know well and that may also represent successful hits. It is a factor that will surely help you to get some attention in your circle of knowledge. Read more at the Wild at Heart website.

if you are becoming popular thanks to the covers, this step that will lead the public to know your music must be approached with a good dose of caution and resourcefulness. It can also easily happen that the warmth of your audience can turn into a suspended climate and maybe even a little cold: but for the first time, it can be a more than normal reaction because they will also have to get used to this new listening. And also, remember that before you brought pieces from consolidated successes and to which a large number of experts had worked…it would be naive to think that you could compete with the reach of those hits, which were already known before you even played them.

So it is really important not to be frightened, but to live this passage with expectation and serenity, following some small steps. Here are four tips that can come in handy:

  1. Start this step by choosing a piece where you feel really strong and think it’s the best one you have available. So work hard for a long time until the moment of the performance: you will have to take care of every aspect, from the dynamics of the song to the movements on the stage, from the lighting to the attitude. During the concerts there is always something magical, which goes beyond the simple singing and playing, you will certainly have realized this by attending the concert of your favorite band. This is exactly what you need to do to play your cards better.
  2. An idea to present your song, which is the strong point, can be to gamble with the cover: so try to find a cover that has a time or theme relevance for making a medley. What matters is that you will have to work as much as possible to create a symbiosis between the cover and your song.
  3. Once you have become accustomed and then prepared for the audience to listen to your pieces, you can add show after show an ever-increasing amount of your work always alternating with some covers. It is a gradual process, which is important to be well organized as suggested in the previous points: remember that it is quality that makes the difference, not the quantity.
  4. Remember to always add something original to your covers that matches your personal touch: don’t be afraid to show your sound, because it’s about what the audience will have to focus on and not how much your cover is true to the original one.

Remember also that these four steps, if you do not have a piece of yours that can seriously launch you, an ineffective arrangement or hard work behind the show, will not be of much help to you. If, on the other hand, all the factors we talked about have them, you are clear and successful, then the transition from the covers to your pieces will be a success.

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