Are you hunting for sponsors? Here’s how

Finding a partnership with a sponsor is not impossible

How do you approach those who will help our music business? These are the sponsors, that is those who will support us during one of our events, our tour or during the presentation of one of our albums.

How will they work alongside us? This depends on the partnership you will establish and above all on what each one will be able to gain from the other: visibility is certainly a factor that you will evaluate both, but the question that will unite you will be “What do I gain from this collaboration?”.

you both have goals … and that’s why the first purpose will be how to best achieve those goals. Then, considering that your philosophy will be the one we talked about above, here are some approaches to consider when approaching a sponsor:

Ask: as they say, the answer does not arrive until you decide to ask!

In the music industry, there are three types of people: those who carry out projects, those who wait for things to happen and those who wonder at what is happening. Don’t wait for the opportunities, but create them through contacts, hooks and ask yourself the right questions that will lead you to obtain a sponsor: do not be afraid to use mail, telephone and make an appointment just because maybe you are wondering why they should sponsor you. Live the occasions.

The approach: Find a way to be unique, concise and intriguing through initial contact. In short, you have to win over your partner by convincing him that among all the millions of e-mails received, you are the band that can make the difference.

Offer an idea: If you have any original ideas in mind, share it with those who will take care of the sponsor because feeling involved and motivated in the project, will be more motivated to collaborate with you. This will start with an intense synergy from the beginning.

Starting from small realities: Going on the hunt for sponsors and conquering them will activate a chain effect, because if the collaboration excites the partner you have chosen then there will be a positive word of mouth among the companies. For this reason, in the beginning, it is better to find companies with less competition, maybe companies of friends that you know and frequent for other services. Often when you are at the beginning, small businesses are those most willing to provide sponsors, even to increase their visibility.

Use the resources you have available: Create a long list of contacts that each of the band can provide, and these contacts, even if they will not be able to satisfy your requests, may even know someone capable of providing further contacts.

Develop a sales strategy: Treat each contact as if it were trying to sell something because in the end, it is what you are doing with your band, your tour. It is your business, and you have to give the company good reasons to agree to be your sponsor: underline the advantages that both will derive from this collaboration.

Don’t expect anything for free: Don’t think that having musical instrument companies like Fender, Gibson, Pearl, and others means obtaining free material, at most there can be discounts. Remember that you are not looking for sponsors to receive the material, but to start a fruitful collaboration that will help you and the sponsor to attract the public.

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